Unda da sea

Unda da sea
Cute little sea turtles in our gulf!

Why did I start my blog, anyway?

I've started this blog to raise awareness about how the oil spill has affected and could affect the sea and the life that lies beneath the waves. We don't want any more cute sea turtles (see above) to leave our gulf, do we?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is MY Opinion

Yeah, so we've covered... um... well, let's just say very few things. So. The many people who live down in the Gulf live off mostly seafood, and so many of them are fishermen. That means since lot's of the seafood down there are infected through the oil spill, lot's of fishers could lose their jobs and end up losing everyone who's special to them. That also means that since fish are infected, animals who live of fish, such as bobcats and small bears, could become endangered because their part of the Food Chain is diagnosed with a bunch of oil in their guts. And since fish-eating animals could become endangered, if they DO go extinct, that could cause ginormous break in the Food Chain, if it hasn't already. Remember, just because we're kids doesn't mean we can leave all the 'World-Saving' to the grown-ups!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Oil gushing into our beautiful Gulf...

This is very sad to see. Do you have any
ideas on what can be done to stop this? How
does it make you feel to see this?